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Can you solve the mysteries of Hideaway or Backstage?



City Escape Games offers live room escape games in Oulu. We opened our rooms in March 2018. We have two different rooms with different themes and tasks to solve. Escape room playing is great way to challenge your team skills and fun way to spend time with friends, family or among business collagues. We want to provide unforgettable experiences to our customers. The games also offers a way to escape from the present moment for an hour. We wanted to invest for the stories, ambience and atmosphere that goes by. Each game has its own game guide that will ensure your enjoyment throughout your stay.


The Hideaway of Pretty-John room is a dive to history and to the incredible adventures and life of the most legendary storyteller of Lapland. You have one-time opportunity to explore his unique story and find out what the hideaway cabin from his past can tell you. Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Backstage will take you in the middle of rock stars life to solve out the disappear of the Dööti Pois greatest star. Can you help the band members to find out what has happened to Arppi? Show must go on!

In case that not all of the people in your company want to play or want to spend great time before or after the game you will find a cafebar on City Escape Games. We are located on same building with City Biljard where you can play billiards and arcade games, use the free wifi and juct chill.
You can find a complete package for a wonderful active day for you and your team right here in Kajaanintie 36.



Pretty-John is known as the most legendary storyteller of the North, his stories never lacking the extra something the northeners always seem put in the stories they tell. He was originally from Karstula, but he traveled to find work and ended up in Rovaniemi, where he spent the majority of his life. All the stories he told were more incredible than the others, and everything that happened to him was truly something else. A clubfooted lumberjack was told to be an international adventurer, but did Pretty really travel outside the borders of his home country? Dive into his unique story to find out what the hideaway cabin from his past can tell you. Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

We do not recommend playing the room if you have played Idman’s Hideaway at Getaway Tampere.



Arppi is the lead singer and the biggest star in the Dööti Pois, the newest rock sensation from Oulu. He’s known for his outgoing lifestyle. But lately Arppi has been acting strangely, he’s mostly been all by his lonesome. He’s also gotten some strange phone calls, and his new lyrics have puzzled the rest of the band. He hasn’t been his rambunctious self. Lust for ladies and liquor haven’t been the same.

The biggest festival show for the Dööti Pois, Qstock is finally here, but the band has a teeny tiny problem. Last Saturday the band played for their home crowd and the gig was a huge success as usual, but Arppi didn’t come to the traditional afterparty. His absence started to worry the rest of the band when he didn’t show up in band practice the next week. They’ve searched all the bars and pubs in town without success, and his cell seems to be turned off. Their manager is really getting on their nerves and they’re pretty much out of options. Can you and your team find the lost rock star and save the show before time runs out?

Nb! Escape room contains rock-styled humor so it is not recommended under 15 years of age.

We do not recommend playing the room if you have played Manserock at Getaway Tampere.


  • You must arrive 15 minutes before the game. Delayed start can reduce the actual possession of the game.
  • Booked game can be canceled 24 hours before the game either by phone or by e-mail. Uncanceled bookings are charge for 50 €. Non-arrival will be charged full price.
  • We reserve the right to refuse access for too intoxicated. Unused booking will be charged 100€.
  • Payment are managed by cash, debit or credit card and Ticket-, Virike- and Smartum-products. Billing possibility for companies if agreed beforehand. For billing less than 150€, we charge a billing fee of 6€.
  • City Escape Games is not responsible if player hurts him/her self by sloppy or reckless action.
  • If players intentionally violate or excessive force using a game room, game tools or room properties, they have a duty to compensate for the direct and indirect costs.


Students -5€ / student with student card. Valid from Monday to Thursday.
With adults 7-14-years old -5€ / person.

Can’t combined with other offers.

2 players


3 players


4 players


5 players


6 players


Room escape info

What is room escape? To whom the game is suitable? Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Room escape is real life adventure game where the team will work together to beat the room. The team has an hour to go to the story and get out of the room. To solve the room it requires you to work together, co-operate and communicate. In the room your problem solvin and teamwork skills are truly tested. Nobody comes alone from the room, you will do it together or not at all!

Room escape game is a break from your everyday life. During the game you won’t be thinking anything else than the puzzles in the room. The game will get you hooked with the sensation of succeeding and focusing on the story and riddles.

In our rooms we have invested in stories, ambience and atmosphere. They will take you out from the present moment and dive into the story. The feeling of success that has come out of a solution is exciting, addictive. Passing tasks requires only problem solving and team skills, You won’t need any kind of preparations, special clothing or gear. Physical condition is not a factor. It’s enough to be with open mind and good attitude! The game will get your heart pumping and give you an adrenalin rush, but is not in itself, physically demanding. Your game guides will take care of the entire visit and answer to all questions you are looking for.

If the idea of being locked is stressed, no worries. We have security locks in the rooms so you can always leave them in an emergency.

For friend groups – What would be more fun than a new kind of entertainment among the best friends. You may find new features under the pressure.

For couples - An excellent option for a ordinary movie night.

For Bachelor party – A great surprise and a bachelor's program number where everyone can have fun. We can arrange some suprise or gift to your experience in the room when ordering in advance. If you would like to add something special, we’ll help you to organize something memorable.

For Birthdays – Come and have a birthday party or give a gift card to your loved one.

For Families – Family that plays together, stays together! Also kids can take a part in the game with adults. Often the unlimited imagination of children helps solve problems and combine puzzles. Escape rooms offer unforgettable experiences regardless of age.

NB! Our Backstage room has 15-year Age of Recommendation, as the room contains rock -styled humor and a prophesy for adult tastes. Of course, younger people will be allowed in the room when accompanied by an adult, at the parents' own discretion. The historic atmosphere and story of the Hideaway of Pretty-John room offers a wonderful experience for the whole family.

For companies – An excellent way to raise teamwork and enjoy time together. In fun common experience, mutual communication develops and players learn from each other when they are pursuing the same goal. We also offer business packages. Contact us for more information.

For anyone - who wants to have fun and bring excitement to life!

Both of our rooms can be played in both Finnish and English. Please mention your booking if you want to play the game in English.

Escape room can only be done using your own brain and wits, so we recommend that you keep it as clear as possible. We do not allow import your own alcoholic beverages in our properties. Room escape game is often a part of friends get-togethers and so is a couple of beers. We don´t have zero tolerance with alcohol but the game is much more harder when you are a little bit tipsy. We reserve the right to refuse admission to players who are too intoxicated for the safety of other players and our rooms.

In room your team have 60 minutes to escape but you should reserve about one and half hour for your visit. Before the game we will go through the rules and instructions and after the game you can ask some questions, give feedback and take a few photos together.

Team size can be 2-6 players but our recommend is 3-4 players to get the best experience. Larger group can play both rooms at the same time or the same room seperately. The game rooms are located same building than City Biljard (linkki) which also has a cafe bar and billiard tables so the time won’t get long waiting for the game. We also offer game packages where you can combine billiards and room escape games in to your evenings. Ask for more!

Game will be charged before the game. For payment methods we accept cash, Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard. Also Virike-, Smartum- and Ticket products can be used. Billing possibility for companies if agreed beforehand. For billing less than 150€, we charge a billing fee of 6€.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the game starts – bigger groups preferably even earlier. Before the game we’ll go through the rules and there’s still time to use the toilet if needed. Please arrive on time – If you are late we unfortunately have to take the time from your game time so next groups can get to their games on time.
You will enter the room without shoes and the personal belongings will held behind the locks. Rooms provide everything you might need to escape and the game doesn’t require general knowledge.
In the room you will have 60 minutes to escape. It can be done as a group solving different kind of puzzles and problems. Game doesn’t require physical strength or agility but cleverness and group skills will be tested. You will have your game guide monitoring you through cameras during the game and giving you clues to proceed if needed.
After the game your game guide will answer to any question on mind and take a few pictures of your group as a souvenir and for social media if wanted. We also would gladly hear feedback about the experience to continuously improve the game and our actions.


City Escape Games is located in Välkkylä around 1,5 kilometers from city center of Oulu. We’re sharing the same premises with City Biljard and the entrance happens from the same main door.
Arriving with your own car is easy, there are plenty of free parking places next to our building.

Reservations can be made 48 hours before your arrival. See the booking calendar for free time. You can also inquire free game times by email or phone.

+358 44 7377 113 (klo 16-20)

Kajaanintie 36, 90100 Oulu (City Biljard)


Games for groups from 2 to 6 people can be booked straight from our booking calendar. If you have a group bigger than this you can fill up our contact form below – we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Can you solve the mysteries of Hideaway or Backstage?



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